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Sunday, September 2, 2012

BladeLight Cuts Through Darkness… And Just About Everything Else

Nothing is more awkward at night when you’re camping than trying to cut something with your knife in one hand, while juggling a flashlight in the other.

The new BladeLight from knife specialists SOG, solves that problem. Besides featuring a top-quality, 5.7-inch stainless steel, clip point blade perfect for hunting and camping. It’s got 6 LEDs molded into the GRN handle, 3 on each side. Not only does this give you shadowless light when cutting, but it can also be used as a flashlight, providing 25 lumens of bright white light, even while in its molded sheath.

It features a 5.7-inch long, stainless steel, clip point blade

The sheath itself also comes with a belt clip, slots for securing to a leg or pack, and a pouch to carry extra batteries. One press of the quick release, push button retention, and the knife slides free, ready for use.

Powered by a single standard alkaline battery (two are included), the push button switch on the bottom of the handle seals with an O-ring, giving the BladeLight an IPX-7 rating for water resistance to full immersion up to one meter. Unfortunately you can’t use it as a dive knife (that’s a hint SOG), but for fishing in the shallows, and any other outdoor adventures, it’ll excel.It can be used as a flashlight while still in it

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