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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sensor Dry Pocket Keeps Water Off Your Touchscreen While Keeping It Touchable

While you’re kayaking or fishing, you can stash your phone in a dry bag for safe keeping. But  if you need to use it while out on the water, you risk damage from wet hands, or drops into the drink.

You could have your entire phone waterproofed, or you can stow it in a Sensor Dry Pocket.

Designed to protect smartphones, tablets and other electronic touchscreen devices in wet environments, the waterproof, submersible Dry Pocket has a clear window that’s sensitive to touch, allowing you to make calls, access music, text and more, all while it’s protected.

How protected? It’s got a redundant zip-lock and roll-top dry closure to keep water and moisture out, a waterproof headphone jack so you can take calls and listen to music while it’s inside, and radio-frequency welding so there are no seams to come loose. And they come with a clip to hang it from your pack, or use the velcro loops to secure your Pocketed device to your belt or equipment straps.

I tested the smartphone-sized Pocket, and my iPhone fit in perfectly, even though I had it in a case. The touchscreen worked just like there was no plastic between screen and finger, and while I didn’t take it in the pool with me, I did test its waterproofing ability, and thankfully, it passed.

Two sizes are available, one for smartphone-size devices and another for tablets (should you want to catch a video while you wait for the fish to bite), and run $25 and $35 respectively. So whether you’re paddling or protecting a phone in your pocket from sweat on a trail run, think of the Sensor Dry Pocket as an inexpensive insurance for high-tech gadgets.

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