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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally, a Surfboard You Can Comfortably Sit In

Ever wish you had a stylish place to sit after a catching a few waves out in the surf? Sure you could bring beach chairs — but why do that when you can sit in the world’s first fold-to-flat surfboard chair, designed and patented by Surf Life Designs.

Truly a beautiful merging of form and function, each of these Bombwatcher surfboard chairs are strong and rot resistant, handcrafted out of cedar and oak wood in Cocoa Beach, Florida. You can use them to show off your surfboard style with beers at the beach — unfortunately, you can’t actually surf with them — but when you go home you can use them as extra chairs in the backyard, instead of storing them in the garage with other non-chair boards. Besides, why wouldn’t you want a display surfboard that’s also a transformer?

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