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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Outride Turns Your iPhone Into an Action Sports Camera

When you’re looking to capture your next epic ride, wave, trick or trail run, you could drop $300 or more on an action video camera and mounting set up, or you can wrap your iPhone in the Outride, and save yourself a bundle.

Eliminating the need for a dedicated cam, the Outride from mophie harnesses the existing features of your iPhone 4, and adds a high-impact, water-proof and lightweight polycarbonate housing to protect the phone in any scenario. The variety of modular quick-release mounting systems designed for whatever sport you’re into, like surf, ski, or motocross, attach to any surface on just about any sports equipment, letting you shoot your video at just about any angle, whether you’re in the surf, snow, dirt or mud.

The Outride app lets you view, edit and share your video with friends and followers on all your devices

The wide-angle lens captures everything within its 170 degree viewing angle to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Then once you’ve shot your video, the free Outride app lets you view, edit, and share it with friends and followers—something no other dedicated cam device can do for you.

Available in mid-September, the all-in-one Outride bundles range from $129.95-$149.95 (depending on the sport they’re designed for), and include everything you need to capture and share the moment. Leaving you more money for other gear… or a few more rounds of drinks while you show off the video.

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