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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Take a Chill Pill: Mini Capsule Speakers Let You Rock Out Anywhere

Mini Chill Pill speakers are only 2" tall and 2" around, but deliver big sound (Photos: Chill Pill Audio)

Headphones are great, but they keep you tethered to your music source. (And don’t let you hear when Marge from accounting announces there are donuts in the conference room.) Desk speakers work, but they don’t travel well. So if you want to rock out and be able to take your tunes with you, take a Chill Pill.

The Chill Pill is a pocket-sized, completely self-contained capsule that transforms into a pair of rechargeable powered speakers with just a twist. Only 2″ around and 4″ long when stuck together via magnets in their bases, twist them apart, pull the retractable connectivity cables out, plug and play.

I’ve been trying out a pair and the sound is bigger than their size implies. Plus they can handle some volume. Should you like your music with a little more bass, the tops pop up to deliver some. The 18″ connection cord between the Pills is plenty to let you place them on either side of an average laptop, and are still small enough to fit on any desk or even an airplane tray table. How ya like Daughtry’s new album, screaming baby in the row behind me?

$39.99 Available in White, Red, Black, Pink, Purple and Reggae.

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