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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cuts Like a Knife: The Knork is the Better Fork

Forget about building a better mousetrap. Let’s talk about building a better fork. That’s the idea behind the Knork, the flatware with the funny name.

We’ve all been there, using the edge of our fork instead of a knife to cut our food, either because it’s more convenient or because using a knife might mean having to put down our iPhone while eating. If you resemble that remark, then the Knork is the right tool for you – a fork that integrates a cutting edge and a comfortable place for your fingers on either side, so that you can easily cut your food and feed your face with just one hand.

Mike Miller, the guy behind the Knork, explains the ins and outs of his innovative utensil, and shares some of the background behind it:

Knorks are available as single items, a set of four, or as a full 20-piece flatware set in either glossy, matte, or “Duo Finish”.
What do you think, would you store these in the same silverware slot as your sporks, or would that be too confusing?

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