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Sunday, September 2, 2012

6 DIY Projects for Under $5

Doing it yourself is all the rage these days but it seems that, and a lot of the time, people build out really expensive and elaborate items. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do it yourself, that is kinda the point. So here are a few fun (and cheap) projects to get you started.

$3 Emergency Solar-Powered Radio Made with Altoids Tin

This emergency radio pictured above is one of my favorite projects. It combines all of my favorite things: tech, green tech and food! I mean, I probably have enough empty Altoids tins to build 20 of these.

Easy $5 Water Guns

Stay cool this summer and still have enough cash for a few beers with this quick and easy water gun. And with the money you save, there is no reason to buy PBR!

$2 Adjustable Smartphone Car Mount in 10 minutes

As mobile applications (both free and paid) continue to chip away at factory navigational units, it is becoming increasingly clear that how you integrate your phone into your driving experience trumps traditional systems. But you don’t need some fancy mount from Apple to hold your iPhone, this $2 solution will do just fine.

$3 And Three Step Laptop Stand

No need for one of those expensive and plastic stands when you can get by on spending just a few bucks!

DIY Macro Len for $2 in 2 mins
While Instagram and other photo apps provide many fun and easy filters to spice up your photos with. Nothing beats an actual lens. You can add a whole new level of photo-magic to your Tumblr blog!

DIY wooden $5 iPad Dock
Less plastic used the better and while I am sure this design aesthetic would have Steve Jobs turning in his grave, I am okay with that.

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