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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pelican ProGear Ready to Protect Laptops, Tablets and Other Electronics in Extreme Conditions

If you’ve ever needed to carry gear in extreme conditions, you’ve probably protected it in a Pelican box. With roots in the military and tactical fields, Pelican is known for making high performance crush-proof and weather-proof boxes that keep whatever you’re hauling safe and dry.

Today they are expanding their line with the launch of a new consumer brand, Pelican ProGear. The line has a wide range of new cases and lighting built especially for protecting your digital gear and the extreme performance needs of those of us who are always seeking a little adventure.

According to Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican, “We’ve used the same tough Pelican DNA found in our commercial products to create a wide range of extremely tough products for consumers to use as protection for tablets, laptops, smart phones and cameras – for these products it’s all about digital survival.”

Available at, the initial Pelican ProGear product lines that are now available include:

Urban Backpacks ($109.95 – $299.95) – The backpacks incorporate Pelican cases or rigid compartments designed to safeguard laptops and tablets, along with a keyboard and accessories – featuring the same professional-grade durability and protective qualities as Pelican’s other case products.

Hardback™ Series ($42.95 – $124.95) – The Hardback Series offers travel protection for portable electronics like tablets and laptops up to 15-inches. They’re crush resistant, watertight and incorporate an automatic pressure equalization valve that prevents vacuum lock to make them easier to open at any altitude.

LED Work Light ($299.95 – $399.95) and Pelican ProGear Lighting ($23.95 – $59.95) – Need light in a remote campground or construction site? Pelican’s ProGear 9420 RALS is a battery powered, 62-inch tall light featuring a twin LED swiveling head. The new ProGear flashlights and headlights offer the brightness, efficiency and durability you need for outdoor activities after sundown.

But the product to wait for is the ProGear Elite Cooler. Yup, available in August, it’s a tactical cooler built to last a lifetime, and designed to perform to professional outfitter and offshore fisherman standards with “extreme ice retention” and the ability to withstand repeated drops. Perfect for my kind of party.

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