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Monday, September 3, 2012

Time Scale Transit Maps, Fish-Like Robots and More From TreeHugger

Paths to the Future
This week, TreeHugger showcased some amazing transit maps that used ride time as a scale. The result is an unusual twist on the usual branching maps.

For cyclists interested in a different experience, there’s the FLIZ pedal-less bike. That’s right, a bike that has designed away the need for pedals!

Then, there is a look at energy technology innovations and how they are leading us to a brighter, cleaner future.

Tech Spotlight
When it comes to getting things done, no designer can compete with nature. That’s why smart designers use nature as an inspiration. Take, for example, this underwater solar-powered robot that swims and dives like a real sunfish.

Taking gadgets into the backcountry is great, but the only problem is recharging all the batteries. The solar microgrid box hopes to solve that problem by offering some serious charging potential in a small package.

Finally, there’s an incredible glass orb that focuses the sun’s rays to boost photovoltaic efficiency by 35%!

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